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Spring trends: let's go camping


DSquared2 spring 2010

Well, let's not really go camping; instead let's look like if we did go camping, we'd be the most fashionable gents on the mountain.

If you're a camping expert, don't let this trend get too deep under your skin.  Being from the base of the Rocky Mountains myself, I understand how seeing trends on the runway that emulate camping gear can get the hair on your neck to stand up straight.

Let's look at this positively, shall we?  You don't need to dress to the nines or even look like you put deep thought into your wardrobe this spring and summer.  Instead, dig through your closet for certain items that you know are essentials for your camping trips.  Throw them on and head out the door.

DSquared2, based in Milan, filled their collection with everything from climbing gear to a sleeping bag!  Models strutted down the runway wearing layers of cargo shorts, long underwear, and even the all dreaded hoodie.  The entire collection reminded one of any random late 80s movie that takes place at a summer camp.  The classic John Candy flick, "The Great Outdoors" would be a great movie to pull inspiration from.  Try to dress like any of the kids that hang around that mountain camp and you're golden.  Watch the movie to feel nostalgic and remember what a great movie it is.

Junya Watanabe spring 2010

Junya Watanabe of Tokyo took a more refined aesthetic to the camping trend.  Instead of modeling his collection off of the American view of camping, he turned to a more European view of the past time.  His looks are reminiscent of hunting on the Irish moores or riding a horse throught the fields of northern France.

If you refuse to wear a hoddie and/or cargo shorts, collections such as Junya Watanabe's will be where you'll find your best inspiration.  Miharayasuhiro, also from Tokyo, is another designer that put a refined edge to the camping look.

Tommy Hilfiger kept true to his overall aesthetic of east coast chic.  However, he perfectly blended that aesthetic with the camp out trend.  His collection will have you ready to go for a relaxing hike or take your girl out on your daddy's sailboat.

Gianfranco Ferre of Italy put spin on this look by expressing the hunting side of camping.  Maybe not so much hunting as fishing.  The models took to the runway wearing coveralls, duck boots, even waders.

Michael Bastian gave nearly his entire collection the casual treatment.  Loose sweaters that look entirely too comfortable accompanied knee length shorts and bandanas tied around the necks of the models.  The look reminds one of the early college days of camping: nothing to fear but running out of beer too early.

Etro spring 2010

Gilded Age took the whole trend to another level by showing a fashion installation that looked quite similar to a cookout by the campfire.  The collection was filled to the brim with bermuda shorts, light and loose buttoned down shirts, and girls wearing tight pants and tighter plaid button down shirts.

Etro, based in Milan, somehow channeled the southern California lifestyle of the 60s and 70s.  Tie dyed shirts and beaded belts plagued the runway.  The easy style of their colorful suede loafers added a slight punch of pinache to this relaxed trend.

Go to Bonaroo or Coachella rocking this look, and not only will you be catching the eye of every girl that walks by you, you'll also be channeling the mood of the origianl outdoor music festival, Woodstock.

Which ever way you decide to take this trend, relax in the knowledge that casual is forgivable this season.  And while you're at it, maybe plan a trip with friends to go camping at the Dells.



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