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Spring Trends 2014: Slogans and Statements

Now you can make a statement without saying a word. From political messages and slogans, to attitude-filled comments and self-referencing, trademark-infringing, clever word-plays: letters printed on clothes aren't quite what they used to be. Continuing as a pattern into spring 2014, here's where typography is taking us now.

“Just do it.” In 1988, Nike found a way to roll motivational slogans and brand advocacy into one. It stuck, more compared to apply of emblazoning brands alone across t-shirts, caps and sweaters (a trend devalued by market fakes), because a few things – motivation and branding – it absolutely was just as much the former whilst the latter.

Not all slogans are motivating though, and not all the words we wear are very intricately tied to branding. Some are political statements, some ironic messages, some humorous puns… and, introducing the biggest lettering trend that's carrying over in the fashion trends of spring 2014, some exist for novelty and to seize attention.

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