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Spring time pollen home fix-ups

Bee getting what it likes best: pollen
Bee getting what it likes best: pollen
Bee And Zinnia Flowers" by Sura Nualpradid

For most everyone everywhere it is pollen season. According to the FDA more than 35 million people are allergy sufferers. If you have dreaded allergies, you are probably medicated but have another non-sufferer in your home dust—ditch the feather duster—and vacuum while you are away.

Pick up throw rugs, wash and store them away now. And groom your pets more often.

The rains bring mold after the pollen and they have spores as well. If you have been outside, wash your hair before going to bed and try to remain vigilant about renewing your bed linens at least once a week (wash in hot water if possible).

If you are charged with cleaning the porch, a hose is preferable to sweeping with a broom, which just kicks the pollen up and into your face, nose and hair. Wear a breathing mask, goggles and long-sleeved shirt; cover your hair and change clothes when you get inside. These egg-shaped powdery grains fly about and can trigger hay fever, conjunctivitis and asthma.

Keep the windows to your home and car closed. And while this may sound obvious, check the pollen count. It is mostly likely that you should avoid morning outdoor activities during peak pollen times. Try a nasal rinse to flush out your nose. Most of them have a saline solution—it will irrigate and moisturize your nose passages.