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Spring & the Fine Arts

Spring, the time for nature to show its colors, so is there really any question as to why local and professional artists come together during this time and showcase? This is the perfect time to tour not only Fresno's local artists but also the artists of the entire Central Valley. An opportunity to come and participate, support and gain inspiration.

Now that the weather has shifted from cold and wet to something a little more suitable for outdoor art events our artists are preparing their showcases. From festivals to galas and everything in between, you can bet to see it at one point or another in the Valley. If you have been searching for a full spectrum art event to visit these events are the places to be. Here, the fine arts take on a fuller meaning. Everything from the classics, such as oil paintings, watercolors and photography to ceramics and music will be viewed. For instance, the month of May will be one festival or event after another. One such event of the arts is the Redbud Festival in the south Valley town of Three Rivers this coming weekend. A gathering of the town's local artists showcasing oils, watercolors, woodworking and glass works. Another art show to visit is one of Fresno's gallery Art Hops. This particular art hop is held at the Art House of Fresno on the first Thursday of the month. For those who have not yet participated in an art hop and would like to know more, it's a schedule of galleries that promotes the arts in Fresno. As the name suggests, art viewers purchase a ticket at any of the participating galleries and go from one gallery to the next on the venue and see what each gallery and it's artists have to offer. The list goes on and on held everywhere art is apart of the culture of the city or town you can bet they will have a festival of the arts in the up and coming spring months. Each city has it's own unique style of artists that come of it, making the this time of year one of the best to see works that are perhaps a little harder to find and enjoy. It is an equally exciting time of for the artists who wait all year to showcase in one of the largest city to city festivals and events dedicated to their passion. What better a place to come and enjoy not only the art but those who share the same passion for it?

Spring, the time for art and artists. Showcases, festivals, galleries and events something for every art lover around. For a calender of the art events mentioned and so many more visit: For other calenders and events visit the gallery websites. More info regarding the up and coming art hop visit the Art House website, So now you have a starting point, get out there and explore the arts.

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