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Spring Sweets Stave Off Mood Swings

The season changing can often lead to mood swings, head aches, and problems with sleep. Many people are plagued by the adjustments the human body must make in order to find balance in the new changes. Michigan sees some of the worst of this with days reaching 75 degrees only to plummet at night back down into the 30's. Are tehre ways to help the body and mind transition more smoothly? Of course, just keep reading.

Couples should first look at their activity levels. Many studies show that walking for just 20 minutes a day can help stimulate weight loss and increase happiness. Couples who practice yoga together enjoy even more benefits from the toning and relaxation that the exercise form can provide. Take time out to get physical!

Spring cleaning is a great way to push clutter out and make more space for each other. While it is easy to accumulate things over the winter, take this opportunity to really clean out the home. Spring is the perfect time to get a jump start on recycling, gardening and composting, donating gently used items to good will, or simply getting out of the house. This literal clearing out of junk helps couples get closer by making space for exercise, new hobbies and that ever waiting honey-do list.

When was the last time you flew a kite? Or took your family on a picnic? These simple outings can provide hours of entertainment and more importantly, beautiful memories. Michigan is filled with free parks that are open all day, many equipped with different equipment. Most have the basic necessities, such as picinic tables and jungle gyms for the kids. Others offer miniature trains, frisbie golf, soccer and baseball fields, or ponds for unlimited wild life viewing. Now, you can even get a discounted state park pass when you renew your car registraion and licesnse plate.

With Spring around the corner, it's time to get out of the house and enjoy the weather. Sweet Lorraine's Cafe and Bar offers an excellent menu inspired by American classics with a fresh twist. With locations in both Livonia and Southfield, this amazing little restaurant has something for everyone. Visit one of their local cafes or check them out on their web site


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