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Spring/Summer Trends: Jean/Denim Leggings light blue Jeggings - Elastic waist light blue Jeggings - Elastic waist

For the next couple of weeks we will discuss spring/summer trends. Today we are talking about the newest and most confusing trend - Denim Leggings.

Jeans/Leggings - Fad or Fantastic?

As the skinny jean trend came along, many (including this author) complained that the fit wasn't tight enough, or that skinny jeans tend to lose their shape after several wears and washes. So, it's no surprise that designers took the fit of leggings and versatility jeans and gave the public a comfortable and trendy hybrid.

Recently, celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe (currently collaborating with Piperlime) deemed Jean Leggings as great trend that is here to stay. True, Jean leggings made an appearance around Fall 2009 and the newest closet staple has yet to lose steam. Jean/Denim Leggings have several names: Jean Leggings, Jeggings, and Legging Jeans. In addition, there seem to be two styles of Jean Leggings and everyone seems to love them.

The two styles of Jean Leggings are as follows: Legging fit skinny jeans and denim-look leggings

Legging fit skinny jeans tend to be more cotton than spandex, have a button fastener and zipper, and have the sturdiness of actual jeans. These are similar to the stretch jeans that many women are used to wearing. Denim-look leggings are the cotton-y leggings that have become popular in recent years. This style usually has a printed jean motif on the leg, an elastic waist, and can have pockets. This style also comes in capri and shorts lengths.

So what's the best? The denim look leggings prove to be the best for comfort and versatility. Consumers and fashionistas scream about how comfortable these leggings can be.  As the style continues to develop, we see that more retailers have added different wash techniques, details (ankle zippers, sequin, rips/tears, acid wash), and different lengths to suit the public. Also, denim-look leggings are great for plus-size ladies. Jeans tend to fasten at the stomach area and cause bulges and bumps. But denim leggings have an elastic waist that will stretch to fit and still allow the wearer to have a smooth/svelte appearance around the mid-section.

So add a pair of these hot hybrids to your closet this season. Paired with gladiator flat sandals, high wedges, or converse low-tops, you'll will look great, be on trend, and still remain comfortable. Check the links below to find a style that suits you.

WHERE TO BUY: Nashville and Online

Juicy Couture - Nashville & Online

Express - Nashville & Online

Lane Bryant (plus) - Nashville & Online

Torrid (Plus) - Online

ASOS (Plus available too) - Online

Piperlime - Online


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