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Spring Staycation

Narrows of the Harpeth Overlook
Narrows of the Harpeth Overlook

Have you ever heard of a staycation?

I did once, on Canadian sitcom "Corner Gas." It was quite hilarious on the show, and, to be honest, sparked my interest. Not in a lawn-chair-in-the-back-yard sort of way, like on the show, but in a Subaru-ride-to-Harpeth-River sort of way.

Speaking of staycations and Subarus, where do YOU want to get away to right in your own backyard--er, car, this Spring

That's right--here's a list of great places for the work-bound, nature-loving Nashville roadtripper to find a Spring staycation! 

  • Harpeth River (I had to start here of course), 15 miles southwest of Nashville near Bellevue and the famous Loveless Cafe, off of I-40 and Highway 70. You can visit the state park, rent a kayak or canoe, go hiking, or even take a ropes course led by Nashville-based outdoor company Adventureworks. I always enjoy a lively hike to the table-like rock (pictured) at the top of one of the trails finished off with some blackberry preserves at Loveless Cafe!
  • Radnor Lake, 9 miles south of Nashville off of Franklin Pike and I-65. Complete with hiking trails, bike paths, and a scenic view of the protected wildlife area, Radnor Lake is sure to allow those lungs stifled by cubicle walls some relief. I always see at least 2 or 3 deer while hiking here, no joke. The nature center at this park offers activities such as early morning canoe rides and team trail builds or clean-ups. 
  • Beaman Park, 15 miles northeast of Nashville off of Briley Parkway and Old Hickory Blvd. This as yet hidden treasure of Nashville hiking is full of newly-cut trails and a brand-new, eco-friendly nature center (it runs on geothermal energy!). The park opened to the public relatively recently, so the trails are set to lengthen over time (yay!). Like Radnor's nature center, Beaman Park organizes lantern hikes and trails builds. Sign up for their newsletter at the link.

Well, that's a start for you! Get out there and enjoy some parks this Spring--the weather is sublime and the chiggers aren't out yet. 


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