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Spring Skin with Dove

Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture

It seems like – finally – warm(er) weather is here to stay and with it a slew of new skin issues and challenges. Fortunately for this Examiner, a variety of experts are available and on-hand to help with just these types of problems. As with many of you, for all things skin I turn to the experts at Dove, line of skincare recommended by dermatologists 7x more than Olay. Their expert dermatologist, Dr. Marmur sat down with us to chat about everything spring skin, and her top advice for the season.

Summer is right around the corner, and getting into skin-baring shape is top of mind. What would you recommend to do to get the following ready for some sun and exposure?

  • Legs: Exfoliate those knees and ankles and resume that laser hair removal. Be careful when you shave to use a good lubricant and new razor to avoid red bumps that last weeks. Try Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, which offers both mild cleansing and skin natural moisturizers to nourish skin before shaving. Always wear sunscreen on legs and feet if wearing sandals because the #1 spot for melanoma on women is legs.
  • Arms: Moisturize until you glow. Always remember sunscreen on hands and shoulders. Those freckles will bug you in your fifties!
  • Face: Switch to lighter serums and moisturizers. Multitask your sunscreen: pick one that is tinted so younger a glow and have protection every single day. Don't forget the upper lip.
  • Back/Shoulders: This is the neglected zone that gets so dry from long hot showers and no TLC moisturizer. Try multitasking your body wash and using a highly moisturizing body wash, such as Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, which preserves both proteins and lipids during cleansing and provides superior nourishment. Also layer even more moisturizer or body oil on after for smoother, softer skin.

Glowing skin is always more attractive than dull skin, but after months inside and dry air, my skin is not exactly looking dewy and fresh. How can I change that? What products should I use? Are there ingredients I should look for?
Yes, exfoliate with a lathered washcloth in the shower, but avoid soaps and look for cleansers with humectants and sunflower seed oils in them because they contain the natural steric acids that moisturize our skin. I recommend the Dove Beauty Bar to my patients because it leaves skin soft and smooth with its ¼ moisturizing cream and replenishes nutrients in the skin while cleansing. It’s also important to prioritize moisturizers. Even using it 5 times a day is not too much. It takes this skin 4-6 weeks to renew!

What are your top essentials for getting ready for skin-baring season?
Essentials for gorgeous skin are a gentle cleanser, a great moisturizer, and an elegant sunscreen. You will have softer, smoother skin that you will want to show off!

And once you're ready, how can you be sure your skin stays that way? Should I incorporate anything new into my beauty routine?
I advise my patients find a soothing cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen--tinted mineral for face and sheer for body--and stay loyal to their products for at least 3 months. Skin needs time to renew and you will notice that it looks and feels so nice!

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