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Spring skiing tips

Spring brings variable snow conditions to the Rockies.
Kevin Jordan

Spring has sprung in the Rockies and with it comes variable snow conditions. Here are a couple tips that will help you get the most out of your Spring skiing/riding experience.

  1. Wetter snow. Temperatures fluctuate more in the Spring. Hot, sunny days can change to cold, snowy days in a short time frame. As a result, the snow tends to be wetter, heavier than the middle of winter with drier snow conditions.
  2. Slice through the slush. Many people get tired when Spring skiing/riding. This is because they are trying to push the snow or slush rather than slicing through it. Try to slice through the slush and allow your skis or board to build a platform for you to ride along.
  3. Sharp edges. Hot, sunny days tend to bring melted snow or slushy conditions. When the temperature drops at night, the snow refreezes and hardens. Having sharp edges will make your experience more enjoyable in the morning. Make sure to get your boards tuned before you get to mountain or ask around for the best, affordable tune around. It worth the money spent.
  4. Variable conditions. Once untracked powder snow gets skied up, the conditions become variable. Realize that your skis or board will accelerate on the packed down snow and will slow down in untracked powder. Be ready for the slow down or the increase in speed of your skis/board will save you from the inevitable and dreaded faceplant.
  5. Stay hydrated. The intensity of the sun, especially at higher elevations, can be draining. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids (water or sports drinks). Then after a great day, treat yourself to some adult beverages in the nearest bar.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy Spring as the season winds down!

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