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Spring ski spree, fried food and stiff drinks


Bar food apres ski.  At the Dragon Room. 
Photo by Kristin Carlson.

After a day on the slopes, I want bar food.  Onion rings, french fries, beer, amped-up hot chocolate.  There is no real explanation for my inexplicable ski cravings, because these aren’t the kinds of things I normally eat.  However, if it’s fried and laden with salt, after skiing it probably sounds good to me.

If you are like I am, getting your last few days of spring skiing in Santa Fe, may I present: The Best Bad-For-You Food And Drinks Hit List.  I have organized these establishments in terms of transit to give you a full plate all the way home, from destinations physically on the ski run, to partway down the mountain, to downtown and on the outskirts.

Totemoff’s Bar and Grill, at the Santa Fe ski basin:
Enjoy the fireplace inside, or watch skiers come down the mountain as you swing in a re-appropriated chairlift on the deck.
What’s fried:        Mozzarella sticks
What else I like:   Zozobra hot chocolate with whiskey,
                              kahlua, and whipped cream
                              Tamales with green chile or posole stew
                              Veggie burgers off the grill

Ten Thousand Waves, partway down the mountain,
on the fringes of Santa Fe National Forest:

Requisite stop at Japanese hot bath and spa to soothe hardworking muscles.  
What’s fried:        Wasabi peas in the gift shop (I know this is a stretch)
What else I like:   Private outdoor pool with personal cold plunge and sauna
                              Full body salt scrub and massage
                              Drinking about a gallon of cucumber water to rehydrate

The Dragon Room, downtown:
A lounge attached to the famed Pink Adobe restaurant, this cozy little bar has a fireplace, brushed copper tables, and cushiony corner seats.
What’s fried:        Crab cakes
                             Southern fried chicken
                             Possibly parts of the bread pudding, which is served with pinon nuts and Tequila sauce
What else I like:  Hefeweizen on tap
                             Hot toddies
                             Cous-cous ragout with mushrooms and parmesan crisp, if I’m feeling fancy

Second Street Brewery, well, on 2nd Street:
A lively locals’ micro-brewery with music performances, family-friendly indoor and outdoor seating, and a colorful interior.
What’s fried:       Green chile cheese fries
                             Santa Fe habanero spiced chicken wings
                             Beer battered calamari or shrimp with chipotle sauce
What else I like:  The Cream Stout is my absolute favorite beer
                             I also love the Extra Special Bitter ale
                             Baked brie with roasted garlic and sourdough

NEW DISCOVERY!  Blue Moon Cafe, near Eldorado/Lamy:
Cute, tiny eatery with fresh homemade sandwiches, salads, and prompt excellent service.  No beer or wine here, but you can take your food to go home and booze.
What’s fried:       World’s best onion rings ever
What else I like:  Double grilled cheese with onion and mustard
                             Reuben sandwich
                             Real Texas brisket
                             Fountain drinks

Enjoy!   I feel fatter already.


  • abq 6 years ago

    Wow :U!!! Keep it coming!

  • Neala - Albuquerque Travel Examiner 6 years ago

    Real Texas brisket? Ah, now I'm hooked!

  • Grant Davis 6 years ago

    Oh man, don't give up the goods on the Dragon Room. Now everyone's going to go there for their green chili after a day in the mountains.

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