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Spring season weight loss shams

Leg Press
Leg Press
Mark Dilworth

Don't fall for the many springtime weight loss shams, products and gimmicks coming your way. Winter weight gain is common for many and advertisers will take advantage of this fact. Makers of weight loss pills, fat burn supplements and quick weight loss products continue to get rich because people "buy in" and buy the products. Don't follow the crowd. Start transforming your body with hard work and good eating habits.

These products either do not work or have very little effect on your long-term fat loss and weight loss success. The weight loss claims that many of the businesses make are many times based on half-truths, faulty research or straight-up lies!

Don't get your body in shape just for spring and summer. Start transforming your body for a lifetime. You need a plan that will help you develop good exercise and eating habits for the long-term.

If you need to accomplish something fast to help motivate you for a long-term commitment, I do recommend a rapid fat loss program that continues with a progressive long-term body transformation plan.

The goal is NOT quick weight loss when doing a rapid fat loss program. During the rapid fat loss program, you may lose weight or experience very little weight loss.

But, you should experience significant fat loss and inches lost from your frame. This is the sign that your body is changing. The goal is to burn fat fast--with resistance training, cardio training and a healthy meal plan.

This is usually accomplished with a reduced calorie structure, for 7 to 14 days, designed to help you maintain a negative calorie balance (300-500 daily calorie deficit). There is usually one cheat day per week of some sort to reset your metabolism.

A rapid fat loss program is definitely not severe calorie restriction. But, you will have to change your eating patterns. You will eat more nutritious food and you will eat every 2-3 hours to maintain your energy. You may actually be eating more food but fewer calories. You will eat enough to start building muscle and burning fat.

Its up to you. If you have been yo-yoing with weight loss and more weight regain, stop the cycle. Start working to transform your body, not lose weight! If you don't know what to do, I can tell you that weight loss pills and quick weight loss programs are not the answer.

Make the commitment today to start transforming your body. Springtime is a good time to start because many things around us are starting to come to life again. Take advantage of the momentum.

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