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Spring season speaks the language of colors

Spring hues of yellow, green and pinkish purple
Spring hues of yellow, green and pinkish purple
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Colors hold great power and meaning. Each season, Mother Nature graces us with a bounty of different shades that hint at what we should be doing 'now.' March 20th is the first day of spring and nature's palette is changing to vibrant hues of green, yellow, and pinkish purple. Spirit speaks to us through a rainbow of colors that vibrate at different frequencies to encourage personal growth, good health and a strong connection to the divine Source.

Green is a color of health, hope, love and abundance. Springtime is bursting with healthy green foods including green beans, snap peas and asparagus to nourish the body and support the development of healthy cells. During this season, you'll easily discover new ways to balance and strengthen the heart chakra, which is associated with green and pink.The heart chakra connects us to the astral plane and the world of dreams, where hope and desire are born. This is a wonderful time of year to seek love, life, career and business guidance from the spirit world.

Yellow is associated with spirituality, intellect and faith. It governs the solar plexus chakra, where 'will' is seated in the energy body, along with self-esteem and power. Yellow squash is plentiful on grocery shelves. A noteworthy homage to God's infinite wisdom is the near-springtime appearance of bright yellow tomatoes. While their red counterparts provide lots of vitamin C for a healthy immune system during cold and flu season, these yellow gems contain less vitamin C and higher levels of niacin (for healthy cellular growth and development, clear skin and healthy hair), sodium (regulates body fluids) and folate (supports healthy cell division). The yellow tomato is perfectly suited to the healthy maintenance of body and spirit in the warmer spring climate.

Many spring flowers burst with calming shades of pink and purple. These beauties ask all of mankind to exercise unconditional love, tolerance and compassion. This is a perfect time to forgive and make amends. Love and forgiveness ride on every spring breeze, beckoning us to join in the liberation of emotional release. Purple is the color associated with the third eye chakra,which is our source of insight. The season is filled with opportunities to quell your desires by giving birth to your visions.This is the time to free and be your greatest self!

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to spend springtime and enjoy its many colorful displays of botanical delights. Exposition Park Rose Garden opens for the season on March 15th each year, just in time to show spring's many blossoming flowers and trees. Don't miss the seven-acre Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden at UCLA. It boasts 5000 species in more than 225 families from all over the world.

Another Los Angeles springtime event growing in popularity is the WU Wellness Loft Spring Equinox Healing Fest in Los Angeles. This event occurs each equinox and solstice. A small group of healers gather to share healing and insightful gifts to attendees. See details on the Facebook event, or click here to visit the Web page.


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