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Spring organizing and cleaning tricks

Cleaning and organizing tricks that work for you!
Cleaning and organizing tricks that work for you!
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After the long and dreary winter months spring comes like a breath of fresh air. It is no wonder that the urge to clean and organize comes especially at this time because the mild temperatures encourage people everywhere to open windows and doors to let the light in. Of course this makes it glaringly obvious that a good scrubbing is in order, but not to worry there are ways to get it all done in no time!

Have Your Tools and Products on Hand

One way to get your cleaning and organizing done in a jiffy is to make sure you have the things you need. Take an inventory of your supplies and then head out to buy the things you don’t have. Wash cloths, feather dusters, cleaning agents and storage bins are just a few of the usual suspects.

Divide and Conquer

Instead of moving through your house sporadically picking things up and moving clutter from one end of the house to the next, create a plan of action to actually get results. If you divide the tasks up to be tackled on different days you may have greater success. Try cleaning room by room or alternatively you can organize all closets first and then move to another major item on your list.

Take the Opportunity to Sort, Toss and Replace
It makes sense to organize while you clean because it gives you the chance to get rid of things that may be adding to clutter. Implementing a strict policy of sorting items, tossing things that are not being used and replacing those you want to keep in a neat fashion helps to create space and leaves your home feeling lighter and brighter.

Follow a Logical Order

Finally, completing tasks in a logical order prevents the need for double work. You wouldn’t want to polish the floors and then dust because you may need to clean the floors again.


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