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Spring Nor'easter: 'Bomb' of a storm possible in Northeast this week

A spring Nor'easter is the last thing that people in New England want to hear about right now -- but it looks like it's coming. An all-too-familiar weather forecast has many areas of the northeast prepping for what is being called a "bomb nor'easter" with some areas potentially getting well over a foot of snow. On March 23, NewsOXY reported that the storm will roll into Massachusetts on Tuesday night and will be heaviest through the night into the morning hours.

The storm is set to hit SE Mass, the Cape, and the Islands the hardest but any change in track could push those snow totals up or bring them down.

A spring Nor'easter isn't too uncommon (anyone remember the April Fool's storm?) but after a bitterly cold winter filled with a healthy amount of snow every other week, people are just over it at this point. Many have already put their shovels away and started planning their early planting plans... but alas it looks like there will be one more big hit before it's all said and done.

Although the storm is still two days out, most local news stations are confident that the area will see some snow. The biggest question is just how much will we get?

A spring Nor'easter isn't welcome but there is a silver lining: It is late March and the days following the snow will be in the 50's so the snow won't stick around for too long. In fact, you could see grass again by the weekend. And breathe.

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