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Spring in Montana makes for great photo opportunities


Photo Copyright: Wesley Miller

With the weather changing, trees budding and grass turning green, Montana is full of great photographic opportunities now. Just don't forget the spring runoff once the weather warms up. The rivers and streams will be running high and waterfalls will be abundant in the mountains.

A few notable areas for great landscapes:

1) Billings: Zimmerman Park. A small park to the west of Zimmerman Trail on Highway 3 with many hiking trails, beautiful scenery and a great view of the Beartooth mountains beyond the valley.

2) Stillwater Canyon: Past the Stillwater Mine near Nye, this canyon provides a wonderful view of the Stillwater river, amazing cliffs and is just a nice little hike. Also, there are numerous vistas with open areas overlooking the mountains positively filled with wildflowers.

3) SilverRun Trail: Just before Basin Campground past the Red Lodge Ski Resort, this is a slightly technical hike but has amazing valley views, tons of trees and a beautiful hidden waterfall.

Of course these are just a few of the great places to look in Montana. There are many more out there and a little hiking around is all it takes to find them.

Enjoy but remember, when the water runs high, safety first. Nobody will see your beautiful artwork if you're not around to share it.