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Spring is the Time for Bird Festivals - Part II

Migratory and nesting birds are living through-out Washington. These are early spring Canada Goose babies.
Migratory and nesting birds are living through-out Washington. These are early spring Canada Goose babies.
Karen Ulvestad

From the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the high desert of Eastern Washington, migratory birds are flying through Washington state to their breeding/nesting grounds. Many communities honor this migration with bird festivals, filled with birding events, lectures, family activities, and art shows.

The annual Othello Sandhill Crane Festival is the last weekend of March this year, March 28th through 30th. It is located in Othello, Washington, just south of I-90 at Mosses Lake. The nearby Columbia National Wildlife Refuge is in the area of the annual stop-over for lessor Sandhill Cranes during their migration to breeding/nesting grounds. It is good to take a bird list, when visiting the area.

The events in this festival include guided birding field trips, workshops, and family activities. Noah Strycker is the Keynote Speaker, and is talking about his adventure with penguins in Antarctica. He is speaking on Saturday. Richard Scheurman and John Clement are speaking on "Harvest Heritage, Agricultural Origins and Heirloom Crops of the Pacific Northwest." With paid admission on Saturday, visitors may participate in free lectures through-out the day.

For detail event descriptions, visit their website.

The annual Olympic BirdFest is the first weekend in April this year, April 4th through 6th. It is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the town Sequim. The area is known for its variety of environments and bird life. The Strait of Juan de Fuca is directly north of the peninsula, to the east is Puget Sound, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the peninsula sits the Olympic Mountains. Through-out the area protected land in Olympic National Park.

This festival features many birding field trips, workshops, art show, and birding cruises. The Keynote speaker is Noha Strycker, a writer, photographer, and adventurer. He is presenting "Bird World: Insights for Humans From the Amazing Lives of Birds."

For detail event descriptions and registration, visit their website.

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