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Spring is in the Air. Maybe.

Today I discovered a lone Daffodil in full bloom in my front garden. I was tickled to no end. In these past few weeks and months of yo-yo weather in lower Alabama in which everyone, including the dog has been sick and the skies grey, I am reminded that this too shall pass.

Lone Daffodil
Ebony Aelterman

I raced inside and grabbed my camera to capture this moment of revelation. Then I scoped out my other buds that are patiently waiting for consistently warmer weather to unveil. Rows of Daffodils, hardy Gladiolus, Muscari, Bluebells and Lillies of the Valley are enduring this unseasonably cold winter with grace and poise. Even while the red-breasted Robins and Goldfinches preen around them, they understand the virtue of patience. One can almost imagine them whispering the words, “just a few more weeks.”

Then I thought of how I can make better use this remaining winter. Rather than my typical hibernating, i.e. laying on the couch with an armful of snacks watching a cheesy movie, I can use the next few days, which are supposed to be warm to:

• Clean and disinfect pots and tools used last season;
• Work on garden crafts such as teapot bird feeders;
• Turn the compost;
• Spray stone fruit trees with dormant oil;
• Review my garden journal to determine which plants to add / take away, etc;
Update Examiner page!

When the next cold front moves in, as I’m sure it will, I will think of that lone Daffodil in my garden setting the pace for its peers and endeavor to do the same. What about you?

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