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Spring is Here, but Does that Mean Winter is Over?

Tonight is very "spring-like" in the Upstate with thunderstorms around Anderson and Greenville.  Behind these storms, a cool west wind will blow in much cooler air for Monday.  There is a slight chance of storms again Monday and Monday night.  They should not be too bad, but hail is not out of the question with cold air aloft.  There might be some decent snow in the North Carolina mountains believe it or not. 

After Monday, the rest of the week looks pretty nice with temperatures back in the 70s Wednesday and Thursday in the Greenville-Spartanburg area.  There is a small chance of rain Friday, but Saturday should be dry.  It might be a little cool, but it should be mostly sunny and dry for Donna, Janice, and all the other having a block party this weekend.  There is a chance of rain again Sunday so unless one system slows  down or the other speeds up, Saturday looks good.  Enjoy the party.  I love spring because we can enjoy the outdoors again without freezing.

It looks like we should get through another week with little if any severe weather in the Carolinas.  That is a good thing, but things will probably become stormier soon as storms get cracnking in April and May around here.  Enjoy the spring because soon we will be atlking about heat index when that summer humidity starts creeping back.  Stay warm tomorrow!


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