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Spring is for Seniors at the Cat Care Society

Consider adoption a senior cat like Barney here. This big boy is looking for a forever home. Learn more at the CCS website.
Consider adoption a senior cat like Barney here. This big boy is looking for a forever home. Learn more at the CCS website.
Cat Care Society

Spring arrives today, in just a few hours, and for many animal shelters around the country, an influx of cute and cuddly little kittens is about to arrive. Fortunately, kittens tend to find forever homes easily. Who couldn’t resist a cute little kitten? However, the folks at the Care Care Society in Lakewood would like to remind people that older cats also need to find permanent homes and in some cases these “seniors” make life much easier on the adopting families.

Seniors cats are usually defined as cats 10 years and older and can often live for many years into old age. Here are some pros when it comes to adopting an older cat:

  • Senior cats’ personalities are fully developed so the behavior you see in the shelter is what you get at home.
  • Seniors are not as demanding as kittens. Older cats just want a comfy home, friendly inhabitants, clean litter and delicious food.
  • Senior cats are more settled than they’re younger cohorts. Seniors will not climb on the curtains, chew on things or shred skin with sharp claws when you pick them up.
  • Senior cats don’t require as much attention and intervention as kittens.
  • Senior cats will provide years of unconditional love while you give them the best years of their life.

One “con” with older cats is the possibility of higher medical costs as the cat ages. To help, the Cat Care Society offers the Perpet-U-Care program that gives adopters of senior cats $250 worth of annual veterinary care at the CCS clinic to help offset some of these costs. The program works like an insurance policy. Learn more about the program at the Cat Care Society.

Another way the Cat Care Society is helping older cats is through the Spring the Seniors adoption special. Adoption fees for senior cats will be “flexible” so families can pay what they can afford. Visit the CCS website to find over 25 fabulous and loveable senior cats available for adoptions.

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