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Spring is finally here! Hurray for pollen

Black and white Sunflower
Black and white Sunflower
Dave Young

Pollen season is finally here, as if we were eagerly awaiting its arrival. While the weather is nice and enjoyable, the haze of pollen in the air hangs over the city of Columbus, GA in a yellow and ominous cloud. All of the sudden everyone in town all share the same yellow car. At least is doesn't need to be washed until pollen season is over. It is not worth washing the car as it will just be covered in pollen again by the end of the hour. If you just can't stand having a dirty car, a simple wash down will suffice. Putting too much effort into keeping your beloved vehicle clean is futile.

Fortunately, with the pollen comes spring activities. Major League Baseball began last night with a RedSox win over their rivals the New York Yankees. With major league ball comes Little League. It is not too late to get the kids involved at many of the programs around town.

Despite the unpleasant dusting of pollen, spring is here. Get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. 


  • Aunt Wiza 5 years ago

    GO SOX :)

  • Jeanette 5 years ago

    You are so right! I'm in Mass. and the Sox won on Easter in 70+ weather on April 4th???Unheard of here and today Wed. those GD Yankees won--with temps 90 degrees!!! What a great day at the ocean in April! And in New Hampshire they skied in bathing suits!
    Did someone mention Pollen?? Our trees haven't even budded yet!!

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