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Spring is almost upon us…

Use more pet friendly cleaners.
Use more pet friendly cleaners.
Taylor Family

The weather isn’t really showing us but Spring is almost upon us. When one thinks of Spring, what comes to mind? Spring cleaning. However, a lot of the cleaning agents on the market today are not Pug friendly. These cleaners are harmful to your Pug, they can cause respiratory problems, skin issues, or worse pending if your Pug digests the cleaners. So let’s look at some that are Pug friendly so we can get our Spring cleaning done and allow our Pugs to keep us company and safe: Rubbing alcohol is good to use but once it dries, not while it is wet. The alcohol diluted can help remove stains, dirt, and etc. from floors and counters tops. Baking soda can be used as scouring cleaners. It can assist in cleaning sinks, tubs, difficult spots on the floors plus it deodorizes. Baking soda can be used with white vinegar as a natural alternative to drain cleaners. Borax, which is a laundry detergent, can be used for laundering your clothes, pet beds, towels, and etc. This too can also be used for scrubbing tiles, tub, and has been known to kill fleas. Cornstarch can assistant with cleaning rugs, windows and polishing. Mineral oils with a touch of lemon can be used for wood polish. This is a flammable liquid so please keep away from heat. Salt can be used as a scouring powder. Steel wool will help clean those tough stuck on food grimes. Once your Spring cleaning is down and you want to add a pleasant smell to the house instead of using the potpourri or air fresheners, let’s try cinnamon sticks or cloves. Cinnamon sticks together can add consistent fragrance. Whereas, the cloves or cinnamon tea, add water, and let simmer for about half hour. Please be mindful when using this method not to fall asleep, leave handles out, or leave the house with it simmering. Also, please pick up the cinnamon sticks out of the reach of the inquiring Pugs. Happy Spring and Happy Spring and Pug Safe Cleaning!!