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Spring is a time for finding balance

Renewal of Spring
Renewal of Spring
Photo by Mary Claire O'Neal

The first day of Spring will be March 20 this year--the Vernal Equinox. It's one of two days a year (the other being the Autumnal Equinox) in which we will have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness--balance. For thousands of years, these cycles of the Earth have served (among other things) as natural reminders for how we can attune our lives through the awareness of the flow of nature.

The first day of Spring is also a renaissance, a rebirth, a renewal. This is the time when the magic begins again: New life in the form of buds on the trees, and green sprouts pushing through the dirt to the light. Here in my yard in Lexington, the crocus sprouts are green with promise.

How can this translate in our lives?

I've been thinking about what kind of renewal is going on within myself, and I can see, certainly, the rebirth of the desire to take action on new projects and creative ideas along with the push to simplify and spring clean so I can live more effectively, efficiently and peacefully. I can also experience, as daylight grows longer toward summer, more energy to take action, step by step toward my goals.

Another question that could be asked is "How can I create balance in my world at this time of balance in the seasonal cycles of the Earth?"  For me, it is prioritizing the many different parts of life as if my time is a pie, and slicing that time into different sized pieces. Not all of those pieces will need to have the same amount of time devoted to each one in order for me to feel in balance.

If there is a tendency to work too much, for instance, a priority for more balance might be to devote a bigger piece of pie (rather than a sliver) for play, laughter, and some leisure. 

As the green sprouts appear in Lexington, and the Earth awakens, it's an excellent time to consider balance and what's needed to be in the flow of more ease and joy.

Mary Claire O'Neal is a communication consultant and coach. She is the author of the award-wiinning book, Becoming What You Want to See in the World.  For more information:


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