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Spring into your mood of Blue by designer Fernando Gonzalez

The works of Fernando Gonzalez: CEO and Designer Flipping Design
The works of Fernando Gonzalez: CEO and Designer Flipping Design
Courtesy of Flipping Design

Hello, blue! We are always thrilled to hear from designers--their voices are music to our ears and the music today is the blues. Fernando Gonzalez is here to talk about the latest, greatest, hot color, blue. Enjoy...

Fernando Gonzalez CEO and Designer Flipping Design
Courtesy of Fernando Gonzalez

"Is blue the new gray? Style is rapidly progressing whether it is in fashion, in art or simply designs. For designers, we pick up on trends and what is “hot” or sets the mood at the moment. Moody blues have hit the market hazier than ever. Hues with names like Stiffkey Blue, Sail Away, and Indigo Cloth are definitely bound to set your ambience.

Color trends come and go, but one constant remains: Color is the most powerful element in home decorating. It can excite, relax, inspire and delight. With our heightened awareness of the environment, colorists are looking to nature more than ever for inspiration. Blue suggests the ocean, which is both so vital to life and also so soothing in its effect. Blues and muted blue-greens are the colors of the year because they are incredibly restful and calm. Think of a soothing Breathe of Fresh Air paint hue for your home office or the color of Falling Rain to invigorate your den. Blue can just as easily be used to create a casual atmosphere…think blue-and-white nautical stripes at the classic seaside beach house. No matter how you use this powerful color, the result is always clean and fresh.

"Think of a soothing Breathe of Fresh Air paint hue for your home office..."

A wonderful way to introduce blue in a room is through art. The tone which reflects through the art will also set the mood in your space. When you walk in a space, what is the first thing your eye gravitates to? Typically, it is the color on a wall because it is what gives the room the most impact. Impactful paint hues like Indigo Cloth, Stiffkey Blue and Sail Away are where the trend is going. It’s no wonder blue is studied to be the most relatable and liked color. It causes the absolute opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals so it is often used in bedrooms. Moods such as calm and sedate are just a couple of examples of how blue can make you feel.

The monochromatic look is a statement that creates a big impact. Try painting the walls of your office or den in a Dazzling blue, Pantone’s color of the year 2014. It helps motivate any mood. Start by revamping that old desk you’ve wanted to get rid of. “Don’t through it out, refinish it, restore it, flip it!” Keep the monochromatic theme going by painting the desk in a cobalt blue, or how about a rich royal blue? Be a risk taker! Don’t let color frighten you. It makes for a bold statement and that’s one your guests will never forget. Monochromatic decorating can lend just as big a punch. Why not upholster your family room walls? It’s a savvy way to give your walls more dimensions whilst getting funky with it with a cool fabric pattern or bold blue. Bring your room together will wool-covered walls, cotton curtains and chairs, and flipping any furniture piece into the next cool conversation starter.

The latest trend that designers are looking to is integrating bold, colorful accessories in the design. When was the last time you thought of using a bold royal blue wastebasket, or a navy blue desk lamp? Studies show that the darker the blue, the more effect it has on decision-making. Lighter blue tones tend to evoke a sense of calmness. Painting your bedroom in a lighter blue may be a good option for that busy entrepreneur, doctor or CEO aiming to come home to a relaxed space. “Try changing your bed sheets to a soft, muted shade of blue for a quick and fresh new spring look. I’m sure you’ll be resting in no time!”

Whether it’s a new couch, a new nightstand, some art or simply changing out your pillows this Spring, why not introduce one of the 50 shades of Blue? It’s bound to make you feel relaxed and tranquil and that’s what we need a little more of after the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

* By Fernando Gonzalez
CEO and Designer Flipping Design

Fernando Gonzalez Bio
Fernando Gonzalez comes to the interior design business with approaching 7 years’ experience in residential design. He strives in being the only Interior Designer in this region to focus on Dining Room designs whilst incorporating furniture refinishing, repurposing and/or refurbishing. Although a Mexico native, Fernando was raised in both Northern and Southern California with love for antiques and an emphasis on architectural and decorative arts. Fernando’s beginning as a 20 year old architecture and interior design student was relegated to rearranging his childhood home’s living room set up, and painting the walls as seasons changed. His mother recalls coming home after a long day’s work to find a new arrangement in the living room set up and feeling joy within herself knowing she could count on him.

After three years of study in Architecture and Interior Design at his local community college, Fernando brought his interests in interior design to a screeching halt. The market crash in 2007 unwillingly forced his attention into making ends meet by working in fashion retail. His love of fashion pulled him into experiencing the lifestyle for 6 years whilst doing side decorating gigs and apprenticing. Never letting go of that passion he dwelled for in Interior Design, led him to finally realize dreams were not to be forgotten. Within 3 months FLIPPING DESIGN was formulated and launched in 2013.

Fernando’s proclivity and his strength lies in modern yet transitional work accented with an artistic edge and antiques to which he has had considerable training. He is regarded as an expert in Refinishing and Refurbishing, and his keen eye for color and texture is legendary.

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