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Spring into Pittsburgh

Natural Pittsburgh
Natural Pittsburgh
by Angel Rodrigues

When Pittsburgher's are released from the clutches of Winter, it is the wonderful welcome wagon of Spring that does the trick. With the cities bountiful park options and seasonal activities, parents of Pittsburgh never run out of options to engage the whole family, on any budget.

One of the fun places to take the whole family is Mellon Park. No matter what the age of the kids, there are activities to engage them all. Complete with a kiddie playground, a school aged playground, a merry-go-round, kid and toddler swings, a basketball court, baseball court, and plenty of grassy areas for various other outdoor activities. Come summer time this park adds on the option of free spray park. This seemingly small area actually has a lot going on. This is also one of the few park's that has a close by bathroom option and water fountain for all those kids needs. Parents can picnic on one of the many picnic tables, let the kids run around, engage them in frisbee, head over to the bathrooms, catch a drink and head right back into the city without skipping a beat.

Another great Springtime activity in Pittsburgh is simply watching Spring happen. Many spots of nature going on all over the place. Birds are making nests, chirping the glory of the weather and waiting for their eggs to hatch. Just recently a bald eagle, on spycam was all the rage to see the mama bird bring her babies into the world. Just step outside and see all types of birds gathering materials for their nests and singing their sweet songs while doing it. Take a stroll around the many tree laden areas to see flowers and trees sprouting up all over the place. The once naked trees of winter are sprouting buds of leaves and flowers all over the place. Many of Pittsburgh Public School students are assigned science homework to document this wonderful and inspiring cycle of life. Take pictures of each trip and document their growth and not only are the children learning, exploring, and loving Spring but getting school credit at the same time. Its a win win situation!

Great expectations come from living in a mountain terrain area of the country. The sweet smell of flowers coming to life, the birds hatching from their eggs, and worms coming out of the ground to push forward the process of growth in the ground. Children love to explore, learn, and be a part of that cycle. They too have great expectations, to be part of that and engage with it. Pittsburgh has many neighborhood gardens, garden clubs in the schools, and homes or neighbors with gardens. Getting the kids involved can be as easy as asking how they can pitch in. Stopping by one of the many libraries is another way. Pick up a book on bird watching, planting, or bee pollination and let your children find a new hobby. Being a parent in Pittsburgh is one of the best things in life, because just stepping outside children are growing just like the mighty oak tree on every corner. Make an explorer out of your little one and let Pittsburgh Springtime be a partner in parenting.