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Spring into Fitness as a well-prepared fitness enthusiast

Summer is just around the corner and that means developing good workout habits in the spring will help you have an extra boost for summer.

Not to mention less stress and irritation from after workout blues of dehydration, heat hives and lots more.

Don’t spend time battling the heat; instead, get smart about your workout habits.

Take the time give yourself a call to action for to be prepared for hot humid spring and summer days in Baltimore.

Being a well-prepared and informed workout enthusiast could save you time and money from injuries and missed out workouts.

When consider some of these tips for training in hot, humid weather.

We all hot the fact that training in hot hazy conditions can sometimes lead to undue stress on the body.

The worst thing to worry about this weather is dry itchy skin, heat hives or sore muscles.

Dry Skin

You might encounter this if you take long hot showers after working out and you don’t immediately moisturize your skin. Usually, it’s advised during winter to take less hot showers to keep the skin from drying.

But in the summer, your skin needs moisture; try after showing applying lotion to wet skin. This will help absorb moisture quicker than applying lotion to towel dried skin.

Heat Hives

Some runners suffer from a common condition called, Urticaria (heat hives), that is induced from allergic reactions or environmental factors in hot or cold conditions.

The red hives symptoms take over the body and can last up to 24 hours. If your conditions last longer, you may want to consult your physician.

Try taking antihistamines to calm reaction. Train in cooler conditions or modify training intensity.

Sore Muscles

Soreness is common as you begin to increase the level of intensity of your workouts. If soreness continues, than you may want to add in a few recovery days.

Try using a massage foam roller to get the knots out. It’s free and you can skip having to schedule an appointment with a masseur or masseuse.

Tight or strained muscles call for lots of tender, love, and care. Try using powered milk to massage area. Just heat the milk at luke warm temperature and apply to sore area. This will help ease the strain and make your skin feel silky smooth.

If you’re mentally tough enough for a cold bath then plunge into the ice bath. You can use cold water from your tub and add ice. Soak for at least 5 to 10 max.

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