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Spring into a renewed decor with new FLOR carpet squares to freshen the abode

Add some sunny new floor decor to welcome Spring into the abode
Add some sunny new floor decor to welcome Spring into the abode

The chill and gloom of winter is still in the air and snow covers much of the ground, but soon the season of Spring will be upon us. As we eagerly wait for days of sunshine and open windows we can start the celebration of the greener days filled with new life to come beginning with adding new touches to the decor. FLOR makes it easy for anyone to carpet a room, or add a custom sized area rug to the decor, with easy to install carpet tiles.

FLOR carpet squares easily add new beauty to the decor

Carpet tiles are perfect for using to transform decor for a fresh season.

FLOR celebrates the coming Spring season with a new arrivals of carpet tile designs to dress the abode with. Changing out the tramped upon carpets and area rugs of the winter with new floor decor can be a perfect way to begin the trek to the perfect new Spring decor.

FLOR's new Spring 2014 Collection celebrates the welcoming of new life, relaxation and Earth.

New Exotic Elements patterns

  • Spot On brings the look of the wild inside with a beautiful cheetah design in colors from the "expected to out of the box hues.
  • Chakra will open up the abode to new excitement with a vibe of India and the Far East with interesting patterns immersed with wonderful colors.
  • Ambrosia adds colorful elements to a space in an understated patterned tone that invites ideas of romance.

New Welcoming the Outdoors in patterns

  • Urban Nature uses nature as its template with "organic patterns" of neutral color blended with stripes of ombre color bringing thoughts of new sprouts of fresh grass and the ocean blending with the sand.
  • Down to Earth is all about expressing the rugged city with the texture and colors of nature that are soft on the eyes and feet.
  • Mod Cow brings a touch of the relaxing farm life indoors with a faux cow pattern in an assortment of natural colors that will moo-ve any decor into a new level of loveliness.

New Escape, Retreat patterns

"The new (Better Than) Wool and (Better Than) Sisal collections lend themselves nicely to our Escape, Retreat theme — (Better Than) Wool, to add cozy comfort to a mountain getaway and (Better Than) Sisal with just the right look and with worry-free maintenance for a coastal escape." Mix and match to create a beautiful patchwork for an area rug or to carpet an entire room.

Making their product in the USA and being ecofriendly is important to FLOR

Not only is producing beautiful collections but FLOR is careful to keep the jobs in the USA and their carpet squares are fashioned from 100% recycled face fibers. In an effort to reach "Beyond the Square" FLOR continues to search for ways to create new products that are more "earth-aware" specifying "We repurpose materials like carpet, plastic water bottles and fishing nets to create new, recycled yarns. The result is a range of styles that look good and help keep discarded materials out of the eco-system."

The quest for creating styles from upcycled materials has resulted in a new style for Spring 2014 aptly named Upcycle.

One of our favorite new styles for Spring, Upcycle, utilizes 100% recycled carpet fibers.

  • Upcycle is crafted from "random strands of recycled nylon yarns unite to create a one-of-a-kind stripe design that’s as beautiful as it is earth-aware. The pattern and durability make this style a go-to for active spaces."

FLOR has made it easy to achieve an easy to install new carpeted floor.

"FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall designs of any size" Imagine carpeting an entire floor simply by shifting the furniture, instead of removing it all, as you complete the job

  • Shop the beautiful choices of patterns, colors and styles. Get design ideas and shop by the needs of specific rooms.
  • Order samples so that you can make your ultimate design decisions.
  • The carpet squares measure approximately 19 inches square and are very easy to install. FLOR is easy to install doing it yourself simply by using "FLORdot adhesives that connect squares together and not to your floor".

Redecorate in the future easily by changing out old color and patterns squares of the FLOR flooring for new colors and patterns to update the decor.

FLOR has tools to assist in creating a unique customized design just for your exact space.

You are the designer using tools to create the ultimate flooring for your abode's rooms. For assistance, FLOR is always on call.

  • Create an area rug simply by answering three simple questions; size, pattern and palette.
  • Use the FLOR Plans tool for readymade design templates.
  • Design your own floor plan design using the FLORbuilder Design tool. Choose the size, pattern and color and see how it looks completed in a plan along with the projected cost.

FLOR makes life really easy with Ready Rugs already designed and packaged for easy installation.

Pre-designed FLOR Ready Rugs have been put together in arrays of sizes, colors and patterns that include the exact amount of squares and FLORdots required along with a FLORplan to show how to put the beautiful rug together.

Have fun sifting through the many patterns. Bring a taste of the outdoors inside, stay down to Earth, promote relaxation and stay Earth friendly. Mix and match different patterns and solids to create unique and custom looks to design the abode's spaces. Have fun with the carpet squares welcoming new seasons with fresh looks that are easy to achieve using FLOR. Spring is almost here; celebrate with fresh decor and never be afraid to dance!

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