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Spring has Sprung at Spring

Spring. Ever heard of it? No, I'm not being cheeky and talking about the season. I'm talking about the store. The blissfulness that is Spring. With locations all over Canada (literally all over Canada; from Vancouver to Halifax) it's a fast-growing company with local roots. Their concept is simple: design and sell fashionable shoes at affordable prices. The difference that sets them apart? They really do sell fashionable shoes at affordable prices. Last summer I was in a (semi) desperate search for a pair of yellow heels. Upon scouring Robson Street in Vancouver, Metro Town and Pacific Center malls I came up empty handed. It wasn't until I visited Coquitlam Center Mall that I found the perfect pair at Spring. Of all places....should have checked there first. Yellow patent leather with a cork heel and sole and a bright floral instep, they were perfect. And not only perfectly suited to me but only $49.99. That's read it right. There's no "1" in front of that price. And the greatest thing about this company is if you visit one of their stores and find a pair of shoes you just can't live without but they don't have your size, they will ship it to your house. Free of charge. That's right. Free. That's not a word you hear to often when shopping for shoes.