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Spring has come to NH bringing with it the Exeter Lion's Annual Auction - April 10, 2010

This beats Study Hall any day.
This beats Study Hall any day.

The grass is greening up where the sun shines on it. Bright shoots poke their heads through the dirt where gardeners have raked away the winter's leaves. New life is seen on the faces of people as they step more lively than they did during the incessant rains of the past few weeks. Exeter was hit hard by the floods, so this is a welcome relief.

Tulips and pansies - The Provident Bank on Water Street in Exeter treats all to a taste of Spring.
Gail Hunter 2010

The grass is still a little damp down along the Squamscott River, but that doesn't stop the young-at-heart who spread out on the green carpet to do a little studying. Homework is easy when the sky is blue and you read to the music of water rushing down a spillway.

The wooden walkway along the bank is bustling with strollers of all ages. Some seven or eight year-olds are showing off their new bikes: hot pink, lime green and poison purple make figure eights in the driveway. Dogs? Today (Easter Sunday) as we sit on one of several benches, we count a black chow, two Welsh Terriers, two Sealyham Terriers, a German Shepherd, and of course, a Golden Retriever.

Across the river, just off the north bank, there is a tiny island. It was totally submerged during last week's floods. Four teenagers have waded over. Do they care how cold the water is? No, it's Spring!

The Exeter River that rushed into the windows of the Loaf and Ladle Restaurant last week has calmed to a nearly-normal flow as it spills over the rocks under the String Bridge to merge into the Squamscott. From there it meanders through meadows and woods until it reaches the bays. Then joined by other streams, together they flow past Portsmouth into the Atlantic Ocean.

Back up on Water Street, the historic part of town, signs of Spring abound too. The yellow tulips and pansies in the window box garden at the Provident Bank delight the senses. The motorcyclists are back, breathing in the fresh air and worshiping the sun's rays. A banner above the street announces the Exeter Lion's Annual Charity Auction being held on Saturday, April 10th...Welcome everyone!

And proudly above stands the cupola atop the old Town Hall with lady liberty announcing justice for all.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    The part about the young ones reading outdoors reminded me of my youth. Always with a book in my face, my mom would demand that I go out and get some fresh air. I would take whatever book that was handy and go out and read in the fresh air.

    I too am grateful for a warm spring day. After a few hours of yard work, I will be heading out for a two-wheel cruise. :-)

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