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Spring Green To Do List (It's more fun than you think!)

1.) GO SHOPPING! Hit your local Salvation Army or re-sale shop and get bargain-basement prices on cute summer dresses, stylish shorts, shirts, blouses kids clothes, etc.

2.) GET THE BIKE OUT! Remember that cargo trailer you bought? Hitch it to your bicycle to run up to the store for zero ozone depleting necessity runs which will also aid in winter calorie build-up shedding.

3.) OZONE ACTION PTO! Try to take a day off when there's an ozone action event and use it to kill weeds in your driveway and sidewalk by using inexpensive and non-toxic table salt. Also, use it to clean out the basement and/or garage and find something to upcycle instead of put-to-the-curb.

4.) COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT! Everyone lives in a watershed in Michigan and local non-profit water-shed rescues plan annual clean-ups. It's a great way to get into nature, to get to know your neighbors, to get a bit of exercise and to have a satisfied "feel-good" satisfaction at the end of the day.

5.) SIMPLIFY YOUR BILLS! If you haven't done it yet, might as well do some Spring cleaning by going paperless for your bills and save on paper, space and time. These are just a few suggestions.

Remember, however, that if all of us changed a thing or two toward improving our surroundings, our surroundings change for the better -- exponentially!

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