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Spring green clean

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning
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Spring has definitely sprung all around and finally everyone is getting a much needed break from the crazy winter we all experienced. One of the most wonderful things about the seasons changing is the chance to make some changes for the seasons to come. With summer right around the corner, many people are preparing their gardens, flowerbeds, and planters for the beauty of the plants that will soon be growing there.

Spring brings many things with it, spring flowers, spring sunshine, and spring showers. One of the major changes in this is the chance to actually do some spring cleaning inside and out. Spring cleaning has always been a time to remove dust, stale air, and dirt that has collected throughout the winter months.

Cleaning up from during the spring time doesn't have to mean bringing out the arsenal of harsh chemicals either. Let spring time be he time to refresh and renew your home all the way around, and let this be the spring you change up your cleaning routine to be more green. Here are some ways to do just that.

1. One of the first things to changing this is to rethink your cleaning way of doing things. Get rid of harmful and toxic cleaners is the very first thing that should happen before tackling anything inside your home. This goes for toxic and harmful liquids that can be used outside as well. Once the toxins are gone, the follow tips can help you get back into the best green routine this season. Restock your cleaning catty with better options:

a. Liquid soap: Dr. Bonner's is a great option for this. This company carries a great line of castile soaps in great scents to offer that pleasant smell, that's nontoxic, while you're cleaning. Castile soap can take the place of every soap you have that is used in mop water, washing the dishes, and even used to wash your clothing.

b. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate): This can be used as a scrub is ways that are more healthy for your and your family, than scrubs on the market that have chemical additives.

c. Borax (sodium borate): Borax is a great laundry alternative and bug repellent.

d. Vinegar: Vinegar is pretty much the go-to for all things to clean. Works great on windows, tubs, tiles, kitchen counters, carpets, and just all around cleaning and sanitizing.

e. Lemon juice: For more stubborn cleaning, such as soap scum, lemon juice is a great addition to your cleaning caddy. Use half a lemon to clean water spots from faucets.

f. Washing soda (sodium carbonate): Helps soften water, and brighten clothing in the wash cycle. Use this with your regular, environmentally-friendly detergent.

g. Essential oils: One of the most used eco-friendly cleaning options around. Essential oils are so useful in everyday cleaning. They can help freshen the air, give cleaning liquids and extra boost, be used in body and hair products, and also just used to help calm the senses and the mind. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your mop water, or give window cleaning a boost with some lemon, or orange essential oil. The option as endless. Be sure and read all the contraindications, and cautions on each oil before use.

Getting rid of harmful cleanings like drain cleaner, chlorine bleach, ammonia-based cleaners, and even commercial fabric softeners is a great start in going into spring with a fresh green start.

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