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Spring forth into an exciting new career in makeup artistry without great expense

The Event Makeup Artist  - Featured in Seventeen Magazine

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Recently we set our clocks an hour ahead for daylight savings time. Often times, we do an assessment on our homes and proceed with our spring cleaning. We make strives to evaluate where we are in this season in our lives. We often experiment with new looks for the spring and adjust accordingly while we begin to change our wardrobes to compliment the spring season. We purchase new beauty contents for our cosmetics bags.  We do these things to readily make way for our new spring season.

Just as we care about our aspiring new looks, a few other new things, just above the horizon, peaks out  and commands our attention and draws us in. Yes! New careers and choices.  Just as we spring clean around our houses, lofts, attics, and take back that dreaded room or drawer we throw everything in, we find ourselves in need of something new. Perhaps those dreams we have buried for years, like so many, unleashing our makeup artist gifts that we chose to ignore because parents, peers, and colleagues told us to become a teacher, an engineer, a nurse, or whatever "safe" career choice they felt would be the better script played out for our lives.

A lot of us are  willing to transition into new career paths and new challenges yet the fear of the cost to pursue those career opportunities seem to choke us and further steer us away from embracing what is tugging at us - what is calling us into our destiny.  At last there is no need to fear any longer due to many options that are now available in the field of makeup artistry. Recently, during a brief interview with Leora Clamus,  of The Event Makeup Artist, provided insight regarding the vision her company's mission strives to accomplish. Their mission and goal is to provide affordable makeup artistry training available . Having had the opportunity to view the step-by-step makeup application course T.E.M.A. provides for individuals, can leave one blown away by this  affordable education brought to life on high quality DVDs with a companion e-book . Leora shared these comments in our recent correspondence; "We are all about making education affordable to anyone. Long gone are the days that you have to take out a loan or worry about how you're going to pay just to start making a better life for yourself. It's all about putting out good things into the world and profiting with out taking advantage of anyone. We give back as much as we take."

These are certainly words of truth as well as words to live by.  When one views the DVDs that shares tools of the trade, makeup application for females and males, sanitation processes, and marketing themselves and their business, it is easy to believe that T.E.M.A  has carried out their assigned mission. These DVDs are certainly a realistic and comprehensive start to a career in makeup artistry.

The cost is about $150.00 for bringing education that offers a new career start right in your home. This includes a duo-set of DVDs, an on-line e-book which can be downloaded and saved on your computer or external flash or whatever  means you desire to save the e-book tool. This means you can review the  DVDs and e-book while sitting in an airport, riding a bus or car, at your favorite coffee house. What is so wonderful about this course is that you have the option to press pause, rewind, watch over and over if need be, or even study the e-book at your own pace. There you have it. No longer is there a need to feel apprehensive about pursuing a career in makeup artistry.  The Event Makeup Artist company has received rave reviews and  national publication in Seventeen Magazine, Black Enterprise (, and several other national publications, press releases, and appearances. 

Now is the time to spring forth in your new career. You can view older articles from Biloxi's Beauty Examiner regarding products of makeup artist, their tutorials, or featured makeup artists who also have educational DVDs. DVDs by Sam Fine (The Basics of Beauty), Eve Pearl (Plastic Surgery without the Surgery), and Joanna Schlip (Your MakeUp).

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