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Spring flooding will affect metro hiking trails

This year's spring floods might make the record books. With rain falling and snow behind it, metro-areas rivers are rising fast. As the temperatures climb and the snow melts, it can be tempting to lace up the hiking boots and set out for adventure on one of our great trails. This time of year, however, it is always good practice to check up on your favorite trail before heading out. High water has already closed some Twin Cities' parks and trails and others will likely close by the weekend. Higher ground trails are your best bet for the next week or two. If you are interested in seeing the spreading Minnesota River, the overlook at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area offers a safe and expansive view.

Here are the updates:

The Minnesota Valley State Trail is closed and many sections are already underwater.

Some St. Paul Parks along the Mississippi River (may include Crosby, Lilydale and Harriet Island) will close by this weekend or sooner.

Fort Snelling State Park is expecting to fully close near the end of the week.

The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge has not announced trail closings, but many of their trails (or at least sections), such as those at the Long Meadow Lake, Rapids Lake, and Louisville Swamp often flood in the spring anyway.


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