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Spring fashion is all about color


Skirt & Blouse by Trina Turk

It may seem like it will never end, but winter will draw to a close and bring with it the warmer weather of spring.

Warmer weather brings brighter colors, and this spring is no different. Katherine Roberts of Susanna's in North Chattanooga says this is one of the most colorful springs she has seen since being in the fashion business.

All this talk of color makes one wonder what is the most important "color of the season," but more importantly, one should ask which color best works for me. Everyone has been there: a favorite item goes un-worn because something about it just is not right. Perhaps the color is not right for your hair, skin tone, eyes, whatever. The "color of the season" may not be your best color.

Enter Darin Wright--owner of Elea Blake on the North Shore. Elea Blake is known for the make-up that is created for the customer in the store, but there is so much more than that happening there.

Donna Wilson's (seated) color analysis by Darin Wright (standing)

Darin is an enthusiastic student of color; not only is she knowledgeable about color and its importance to the fashion world, but she wants to share that knowledge with her clients. Darin will perform a color analysis, by appointment, to help a person determine what colors work best for him or her. Women get the added bonus of having all-natural make-up that highlights the results of the color analysis created specifically for them.

Now is the time to start finding those spring fashions that will help you stand out from the crowd, the first place to start: Elea Blake by Darin White.

 For more info on color theory: 
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