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Spring Colonial Candles, a welcomed gift

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Sometimes you find a product that does not disappoint. Our experience with Colonial Candle is just like that—we love their candles.

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While doing some research, we stumbled upon the fact that this company was started by Mabel Baker in 1905 (who knew?). A cottage industry blossomed because her candles became popular with friends and she got them into stores, and they are now recognized as the first candle company started by a woman.

" ...the first candle company started by a woman."

Colonial Candle® is still proudly made in the USA, in North Carolina, with the same craftsmanship established over a century ago.

Today we are talking about their spring collection and we are hooked on the scents. We know well a few of the spring scents for 2014 and want to describe our experience.

See the slideshow for scent profiles and photos.