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Spring cleaning your mood


Are you trying to recover from the winter blahs?

A speedy recovery may come in the form of walking the blahs away in your neighborhood park.  If the miles you walk are not displayed, create a goal measured by time.  If you have been dormant for the entire winter you may want to take it easy your first day out.  One half hour allows you to absorb the sun for vitamin K production.  A brisk walk for part of the time takes care of your cardiovascular needs.


For an extra mood enhancer, walking through a shopping district among happy chatterers may have a calming effect if you love to window shop.  Take your time, walk slowly, have a slice of pizza  and a piece of fruit from the local shops.

Once you arrive home, walk through your neighborhood and enjoy the newly budded trees and bushes, the chirping birds, children playing and neighbors mowing and tending to their yards and gardens.

At last!  You've made it through the winter.  Spring is here. 


  • Charlene Collins ~ Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Great idea... exercise.. walking does help me feel better.

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