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Spring Cleaning: Who started it?

Spring Cleaning Weaponry
Spring Cleaning Weaponry

 Well, it's finally spring and that means a number of different things. Sure, the warm weather is probably the best part, but what about the ritualistic idea of spring cleaning? Do you do it? Or do you just take care of your business year-round? Perhaps you're one of those people who doesn't care to clean at all? Either way, whether we partake in it or not, most of us have at least heard of spring cleaning. In fact, it's become such an ordinary concept that most people never even blink at the words, let alone wonder where this sanitary fun-fest originated. Well, call me crazy, but I wonder. I wonder BIG-TIME.

It turns out, that while no one knows for sure, spring cleaning is believed to have originated among the ancient Jewish people, who would vigourously cleanse their homes in preparation for Passover. This act is supposed to serve as a reminder of the Jews captivity by the Egyptians, and their eventual escape. Jews have been practicing this type of "spring cleaning" for the past 3,500 years. That's one heck of a lot of dust bunnies!

So, how did this event make its way to North America and Europe? Well, in this particular case, it has more to do with weather than religion. It seems that in 19th century America, since they obviously didn't have the luxury of possessing vacuums, people would wait until the arrival of spring to do their major dusting and cleaning. The reason being that in spring people were able to leave their windows open, thus the strong winds would help along the process of dusting, and since it was still early in the season, there weren't that many insects to worry about yet either.

Well, there you have it. As much as some people might depsise cleaning, during spring it actually makes more sense. So, open up those windows, breathe that fresh spring air, and hop toward those terribly elusive dust bunnies!