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Spring cleaning: ‘The way of love, cooperation, harmony’

Spring cleaning:  The way of love, cooperation, harmony
Spring cleaning: The way of love, cooperation, harmony
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery

There are three aspects of consciousness: Heart ~ Mind ~ Spirit. Life becomes about cleaning what is felt inside, until there is freely flowing inspirations received from Divine Source: “Be aware, be free, be focused, be here, be loved, be strong, and be healed.” (~ S.K. King)

Ancient healing arts can be applied to modern life … the call is for development of skills: Love, cooperation, harmony. The learning is about remaining calm and to become a source of healing for another. In the book, At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’opanopano, by Joe Vitale; cleaning is described as the most important action, and at the core of the entire Zero Limits process.

How is this cleaning done according to Vitale?

  • Notice something wrong. This is the stimulus. The problem is realized as inside.
  • Start to clean on the feeling. Saying the Ho’opanopano prayer: ‘I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.’ is the way to clean … so, say this prayer often to God/the Divine/ Nature.
  • You can use other cleaning methods.
  • Let go until prompted to take inspired action. The recommendation is to clean on a decision three times. If the answer is the same after those cleanings, then take action on it.
  • Repeat.

Lighter, Happier, Healthier. Through establishing one’s joyful relationship with the natural world and the universe; it is important to focus on change in the “right now,” considered as sacred, with a peaceful mind. In the book, Urban Shaman, the exploration of present moment; it is described as “energy flows where attention goes:”

“Wherever you are, become aware of the colors in your environment, the whites, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, violets, and blacks; then look at all the straight and curved lines you can see; the shapes of objects and the spaces between them.

Next listen to all the sounds you can hear from all directions. And then feel the position of your hands and feet, your body as a whole, the sensation of your clothing and whatever you are touching, the movement of your breathing, and as best you can, the energy in and around you. Finally, add other senses like taste and smell, if you wish, and let your attention roam among all your senses seeking more and more awareness of each.

Do this for as long as you like during any kind of activity and decide for yourself whether it is worth following up on. Just remember that this kind of focus is a skill that can be developed. The present moment is a very rich field for experience and adventure.”

The choice of energy directional flows is between love, cooperation and harmony, in the way of a teacher or in the opposite way of fear, illness, and disharmony. The wiser among us choose to keep the positive focus for: “The more powerful; the more unconditionally loving.”

Hear that still, small voice within. Wisdom principles that can illuminate the path require a mindset of co-creator. Consideration is given to being a sculptor, who is willing to change (transform) from the heart-felt place of a healer. Regardless of environment or culture, by purpose a healer of mind, body and circumstance weaves a new dream to heal the spirit. Totem symbolism guidance in the Hopi Creation Myth suggests that not all things are as they appear on the surface. The myth depicts progress upward:

"The focus of the story is the Spider Grandmother (the teacher and protector of esoteric wisdom), who helps in the evolutionary process of learning the meaning of life, and who eventually teaches one how to weave. The meaning of the dream could be that behind the picture” of reality, a whole lot of weaving, that is planning, goes on.”

“Once the surface is reached, there is understanding that spi¬ders are a beautiful symbol honoring feminine energy within (i.e., nurturing, comfort, and wisdom). Spiders also have an enormous amount of patience, and a spider’s web is not only a work of art, but it is an engineering masterpiece. The weaving symbolism of a spider can indicate a connection between the past and the future. It shows that one is the master of his or her own destiny and should take charge in weaving the future desired.”

“On a broader scale, the spider is viewed as the mother of time itself, and individual decisions, choices, and actions can be far reaching. Be smart about the life that is woven for a life stream because the subtle characteristics and vibratory frequency represent the ancient symbols of infin¬ity involving cycle, passage of time and progression. It speaks to creation from the central source, as the web links one to everything and everybody in truth-based Reality.”

What is the take-away? The spider dream gifts an understanding of ancient symbolism for weaving (creativity). The dream prepares a heart for new events and a new turn in life’s direction, while, at the same time, reassures there is the strength and resiliency inside to find the solutions (spinning), and that all things come into understanding (our web) in good time.

Blessings/Healing Energy. The action of blessing is the reinforcement of actual or potential good. This is the healing (understanding) in every solution. Intentions are true and pure of heart when a life is constructed with mindfulness of choices and a joining together in ways such as the acknowledgment of beauty, admiration of a skill, and the appreciation of kindness.

Love and Light is a Buddhist teaching about the willingness to see all things with a compassionate and all-accepting eye. When light is discussed it means white light – a blessing sent that all is balanced in one’s life. When love is sent as a blessing, its intention is for life to be filled with love and for one’s life itself to be a blessing to all.

In the Aloha Spirit, often described as an attitude of friendly acceptance; it is about sending prayers of good intention or God’s blessing: “May you always bless and be blessed by the Light of Love.” (~ S.K. King) This is beautiful and shows respect of the Divine spark within another. It is the light that creates the form, and it is the love that keeps one in form, as all efforts (large or small) are done with Great Love.

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