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Spring cleaning: Six housekeeping steps to help prepare for the divorce process

Today's professional works hard to make end meets. No matter how good of a job or how much money one makes, things can change drastically if one goes through a divorce.

Spring is here and if you are about to go through a divorce, it's not all sunshine and flowers in bloom. It's a stressful time. For many it;s the time of year were we scrub behind the refrigerator, clean out the garage or basement and delete some unneeded files from our hardrive. But if you are considering filing for divorce this year, you may want to put some of the springtime energy into getting yourself organized, financially.

Nicole N. Middendorf, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, LPL Financial Advisor and CEO of Prosperwell Financial has come up with six steps to help you get in excellent shape for beginning your divorce process:

1. Get your financial documents in order. As part of your divorce preparation you need to gather and secure copies of all financial documents.
2. Check into your credit. You can view your credit report for free at
3. Get bank and credit card accounts in your own name. Consider using a different bank than where you currently have joint accounts and open up both savings and checking accounts in your name alone.
4. Know your tax situation. Divorce could mean significant change in your income structure.
5. Put together your professional divorce team. Start with a Family Law Attorney, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a therapist/counselor.
6. Adjust your mindset: Think financially not emotionally.

Middendorf's recent book, Lipstick on the Piggy Bank, is a resource to help women take control of their money, no matter how desperate their situation. She is also available to talk on the topics of teaching kids about money, preparing for retirement, and protecting assets. Middendorf has appeared as a regular contributor to Kare 11, KSTP, WCCO and Fox 9 and hosted a financial radio show on FM 107.1 in the Twin Cities for years. Nicole has won numerous awards and most recently she was honored in NYC with the national Stevie Award for Business Woman of the Year and by the TwinWest Chamber as Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nicole can be reached at 763-231-9510, or learn more at

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