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Spring cleaning pantry tips by Sharon Richter, RD

Spring Clean Your Pantry
Spring Clean Your Pantry

Sharon Richter is a Registered Dietitian who has established a private nutrition practice in Manhattan over the past ten years. Below she shares her tips on how to get you headed in the right direction this spring, starting in the kitchen!

Spring Cleaning Pantry Tips

Make sure you have plenty of portion controlled snacks readily available and at the front of the pantry. You tend to eat more of what is eye-level or easily accessible.

Hide the higher calorie desserts such as ice cream far back in the freezer. Keep healthier choices in the front such as all fruit ice pop or yogurt desserts. Freeze a Dark Chocolate Balance Bar then cut it up and sprinkle on top of your frozen yogurt.

We all have had those insane days when there is no time to eat. Instead of reaching for something quick that is unhealthy, keep a stash of protein and fiber rich foods so you don't end up at the drive through or vending machine. Some ideas are Balance Bars, nuts and even jerky. All travel well and can be portion controlled.

Sharon hopes to others achieve a healthier lifestyle by creating incremental goals that are both physically and mentally challenging and most importantly; achievable. Understanding the importance of nutritional education within the community, Sharon works closely with Wellness In The Schools (WITS), the Challenged Athletes Foundation and also sits on the board for Healthination and Sports For Youth, and Fitist. To learn more about Sharon visit her website!


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