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Spring cleaning for your home office

Spring is in the air
Spring is in the air

Ahhh, Spring has sprung!   Denver has experienced its final snow storm of the season (I think), bulb flowers are blooming, trees are budding...this should lead you to one thought (after taking your allergy meds, of course): it is time for Spring Cleaning!

Here are a couple of things to get you started in the right direction:

  • Turn off your electronics/computer and clean them with specially formulated wipes.  My favorite is Weiman® e-Tronic Wipes.  (Maybe not the "greenest" product, but Weiman® is a big supporter of my favorite cause via the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.)
  • Again, with electronics turned off, use a can of compressed air to get dust and bagel crumbs (don't deny it!) from the depths of the keyboard and buttons.
  • Tackle that pile of paper that you claim is your "specialized" filing system.  If you don't have a shredder, now is the time to get a good one!  It is much more satisfying to shred unwanted paper rather than just toss it aside.
  • Once paper is off your desk, you can dust and straighten the main contents of your work surface.  This is also an opportunity to adjust what is working and not working in your desk set-up.  Do you constantly hit the side table with your knee as you swivel to look something up?  (uh, yeah, me neither) Then it is time to move that side table.
  • Take inventory while you are cleaning to be sure you have a sufficient stock of paper and ink/toner.
  • You can also take this opportunity to rid yourself of any future paper pile-up doom by digitizing information.  Scan colleagues' business cards right into your phone - there's an app for that.  And get a handle on all those receipts that seems to get tangled in the rest of your paperwork.  I'm sure there are apps and websites that can assist with digitizing a majority of your paper.

After you have spruced up your office and given it a thorough Spring cleaning, you will feel better about your surroundings  and about yourself.  So, to celebrate, take your laptop outside and enjoy the fresh spring air!  Oh, the irony.


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