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Spring cleaning for the depressed teenager

During adolescence, you can accumulate many memories and bad habits that affect your emotional state. Once you use these tips, you should be surprised at how much better you feel. However, if you feel really bad, you may need to talk to a doctor.

Go for a ride
Whether or not you live in the country or in a busy city, it is always a good idea to go for a ride. To do so will help you to have a new perspective on life. As you cruise along, you will begin to notice that many people are happy and living productive lives. You will also notice that you are not the only one who is feeling blue. Also, you will notice that the world is full of possibilities. So go ahead, open the windows and let the cool, crisp spring air clear your mind in order to allow yourself a new way of thinking.

Treat yourself

If you are like most girls, you enjoy doing such things as eating delicious food, braiding your hair, and polishing your nails. However, when you are feeling gloomy, you may not feel like doing these things. But, not doing so will only reinforce any negative feelings that you may have about yourself. So the next time you treat yourself to a day at the spa, take note of how much better you feel. Remember how good you feel the next time you don’t feel like doing much of anything.

Get rid of your old CD’s

Without realizing it, you may be listening to songs whose lyrics and melodies bring up hurt and pain from your past. Sure the music may sound good to you. But if you find yourself wallowing in pity, now is a good time to donate your music to the good will or sale them to a store that sale used CD’s.

Go through your book bag

When you are not feeling well, it can be hard to pay attention. As a result, you may miss out on some important information that the teacher has given away. Also, it can be hard to concentrate when you are studying or doing homework assignments. Going through your old papers will give you the opportunity to refresh your brain. Throwing away old notes and graded assignments after a test or exam will help to relieve you of stress.

Go through your cellular phone

Delete any telephone numbers that bring up negative emotions. There's a good chance that these people are not good for you and your life. Also delete the telephone numbers of anyone who has been mistreating you or casuing you problems if you are able to.

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