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Spring Cleaning, Feng Shui Time

Pay Attention to Color
Pay Attention to Color
Photo By Gaia Best

It's time for spring cleaning! It's that time of year when you need to clear out the clutter! Here are some simple and effective Feng Shui tips for clearing out your living and work space and the trunk of your car for that matter!

If you haven't used something in the last six months, get rid of it. Unless you just love it and can't part with it, it's time to move it along and clear some space.

Get rid of things in your rooms that have negative thoughts tied in with them. For example, every time I looked at or sat in a particular chair it would remind me of the passing away of the friend that gave it to me and that would cause some sadness.

I passed the chair on and now don't have a constant reminder that elicits sad thoughts or memories.

Get rid of anything that is worn or in need of repair that you are not going to repair within one week. Out the door. When you open your space up it allows for new and exciting things to take place.

You don't want to hold on to things that support poverty consciousness. For example, keeping three rice cookers in your home, in case your favorite one should give out.

don't be too concerned with how you let go of things. If you spend too much time thinking about whether you will throw something in the trash, put it on consignment, put it up for bid on ebay etc. You are still holding on to these things.

Do what is simple and easiest in getting rid of things. Don't save anything because you think someone else would want you to and you feel guilty for getting rid of it (this could be a gift, like a picture on your wall that you don't really like but Aunt Susan gave it to you.

It's your space and you can decorate and enhance it any way you want. Look around and see what pleases you. Think about what you would like to put in the space. What makes you feel good. Pay attention to colors and how they effect you.

Clear some room to dance around in. Get rid of the clutter and enjoy the space! There are lots of great Feng Shui tips out there and many books you can get about Feng Shui, The Art of Placement.

Clear some space and enjoy the spaciousness around you.

Give yourself room to exercise and move around and enjoy the upcoming summer months.

Clearing space around you works in conjunction to clearing space in your consciousness. It goes hand and hand.

Happy May and Happy Springtime.

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