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Spring Cleaning: Cookbooks

Today's article is a little different then the usual topics. Today were going to be talking about 'Cook books' If you are looking to do some Spring cleaning around your house why not start with cook books? We are all guilty of purchasing cookbooks or having sheets of recipes just lying around. The problem with hat is you'll say you’ll use them but the truth is we never do. We need to minimize the big pile of cook books. If you find an ancient cook book in your big pile save it and maybe you can auction it off for a large sum of money.

To be completely honest you only need about four cookbooks tops and the topics should be easy to remember. Books in general can get pretty pricy, so a used book store is the place too shop. The Raven is a used book store located on Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts. If you are a traveler here is a link to a range of bookstores around the world.

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