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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Laundry Room Must-Haves, Fabric Care Tips and More!

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Laundry Room Must-Haves, Fabric Care Tips and More!-slide0

Spring has finally arrived and that usually means it could be time to re-organize and update your wardrobe, living space or even your laundry room! Last week, I had the opportunity to surprise someone with a laundry room makeover…giving her organizational items and fabric care products from Tide and Gain to make doing laundry this Spring a little easier!

Lucky NY'er gets Laundry Room Makeover!
Proctor and Gamble

New York native Aida Delgado is a busy nurse, mother and dedicated wife who lives in Staten Island. Her busy schedule keeps her calendar filled with late night hours as a overnight shift nurse and she finds it very challenging to organize that… let alone doing laundry! She recently remodeled her laundry room but is on a seriously tight budget, so I figured what a great opportunity to help this hardworking mom of two re-decorate her laundry room with $100 worth of items from Family Dollar that will make her space more effecient and help her save money on laundry care products to keep her clothes looking cleaner, brighter, whiter and smelling fresh.

As part of the makeover, I found some budget friendly items in the laundry care isle of Family Dollar, like the Family Values 3-Bag Laundry Sorter ($12.50) that will help to keep laundry organized with seperate sections for darks, whites and colored clothes. This convienent and space-friendly sorter will also help to keep dirty clothes from piling up and becoming an overwhelming task. I also picked up an Interior Design Garment Rack ($12.50) and some Family Values Hangers ($1.50-8pk) to help keep clothes neat and easier to hang dry when necessary. Hanging up clothes immediately after drying will also keep them wrinkle free. I also grabbed a Sterilite Laundry Basket ($7) to make it easy to transport clothes from one room to another.

Aida was thrilled to see all the goodies she recieved but was anxious to also try out the huge assortment of fabric care products. She enthusiastically states, ” Wow…so many products! This is great. I can’t wait to try them all.” Aida’s go to products have usually been other brands, so this was going to be her first time trying the affordable products from Gain Flings, Tide Simply and the Tide Plus Collection. First, she wanted to tackle her husband’s food stained shirt. So she decided to go with a Pre-treatment of Tide Boost Powder with Oxy ($12), which can be also used on carpet stain removal, bathroom and kitchen clean up, and as a tough fabric stain remover on living room furniture such as couches. Then she washed with Gain Flings ($4.50) because it seemed simple and easy to use and contains Gain detergent plus Oxy boost and Febreeze. To her surprise not only did she get the stains out but the shirt came out brighter and she only washed it in a 15 minute cycle with like colors. Take a look at her experience. Watch the video!

Her next fabric challenge was a blood stained tank top that she had been wanting to get out but didn’t think she could with just a household laundry detergent. “I’m a nurse, I work with patients and blood all the time. So this would be great if it works, because then I can you use it to get all my uniforms clean.” says Aida. She decided to use the Tide Simply Clean & Fresh ($11.00) to wash the delicate top because she loved the smell. So I gave her a tip… just pre-treat the stain first with a little cold water and Tide Simply and then throw it in the wash with like colors. She thought it would never work…to her surprise, the top came out spotless.

Her next and last challenge was a few old dingy looking towels that she was tempted to throw away because she couldn’t get the stains out, but with a little elbow grease and some Tide Plus Stain Release with zap cap ($10) she was able to pretreat and wash the towels. The cap features two textures; bristles for deep down scrubbing and a flatter portion to spread the detergent around. To Aida’s surprise again, the stains came out and she didn’t have to toss the towels after all.

All the Tide and Gain products featured in this review, can be found at you local Family Dollar location. For those looking to spruce up their laundry room, follow StyleMakers.TV on Twitter or like us on Facebook @StylemakersTV to Enter for a chance to WIN the Tide & Gain Sample Gift Pack that includes a $25 Family Dollar Gift Card!




*Disclosure: StyleMakers.TV received Tide and Gain products along with compensation in order to participate in the challenge, but all opinions are mine and makeover recipient’s alone. This is a sponsored ad.

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