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Spring Cleaning 101: Organizing children's art supplies


Photo by gloaming/stock xchng

The beginning of March signals many things: trips to the park, new blooms sprouting on trees, breaks from school and the inexplicable desire to "Spring Clean" one's home. Perhaps it is the warm breeze floating through open windows or the distinct blades of green grass poking through the last of winter's frozen ground that inspires such a desire to clean. This Spring when such a cleaning urge hits, take the time to organize various areas of the home in order to create a peaceful and harmonious living space.

A great place to start organizing when doing spring cleaning is with children's art supplies. Having easy access to colors, markers, papers, scissors and glue is important to a child's development. Having a place to store these supplies is important to a mother's sanity. Taking the time to work with kids to organize the family's art supplies is a great cleaning project to do this Spring.

Begin this task by designating a place in the home for art supplies to be housed. An old hutch or entertainment center is the perfect place to hold such things. Be creative with this space. Paint it a vibrant color or allow children to paint their hand prints on it. Let it be known that creativity lives behind the doors of this space and allow the actual furniture to inspire others in their artistic pursuits.

Next, find a variety of containers to house craft items such as crayons, markers, ribbon and felt. These containers can either be store-bought or re-purposed from other areas of the home. Sort craft items, placing like things in their own container. Be sure to label each container so everyone will know the contents.

Paper can be a tricky art item to organize, especially when one is dealing with a variety of sizes. Make a scrap jar to hold various odds and ends of paper. Such scraps are great for creating paper mosaic art. Use a stackable paper sorter to organize paper by color, shape and size. Coloring books and workbooks are easily stored in magazine holders.

Finally, create a portable art caddy for each child in the household. This creates a on-the-go mini art station. Fill the caddy with age appropriate crayons, markers, stickers, pencils and scissors. Having an art caddy for each child in the home provides mom with an easy way to hand out some craft supplies in a busy moment.

For more info: Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Head to your local Dallas/Fort Worth Michael's store Saturday March 6th from 10am to 1pm to join in on some crafting fun!


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