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Spring Clean Your Life!

Spring Clean Your Life
Spring Clean Your Life
Karen Brown

Happy Spring!

Whenever a season changes, people naturally begin a process of transition.   Changes in wardrobe; Replacing the snowblower for a lawnmower; trading in basketball practice for baseball; Earth tones for get the point. 

Spring seems to usher in the desire to clean, to rearrange and to tend to some areas that have been neglected all winter.   This is also a great time to tend to those areas of life that have cobwebs due to long-term neglect.

  • What habits do you have that no longer serve you?
  • Are there passion and dreams that have not been nurtured in a while?
  • Where in your financial life can you use some pruning?
  • Who is draining your energy and emotions?
  • When did you last assess your health?

This is a great time of year to spring clean your life and to make sure that you have cleared a path to make sure that your life has space and opportunity in it to invite and embrace new things.    How can you enjoy the advent of newness in your external environment in a way that will make your whole life bloom?

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