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Spring in California

Sunset Bridge
Sunset Bridge
Bob Candy

With the hills covered in pale green, it is hard to even imagine that Southern California is a desert. The trees are covered with pale emerald new leaves and the artificially irrigated landscapes never looked better. Even the commuters seem to be in a better mood, perhaps because tax season is over.

Spring transforms Southern California from one of the best places to live in the world to a virtual paradise. The cold 50 degree weather is all but gone, and the 100 degree weather has not arrived yet. Off the coast, the Pacific Ocean is teaming with life as the whales make their annual trek from Alaska. Even the beaches are teaming with surfers who are trying to decide whether to wear their shorty wet suits or not.

The sun is not so intense that it is pleasant to take a walk and for the most part, the smog gets blown away. Yes, the sky is really blue. With some moisture in the air and an occasional cloud, the sunsets are spectacular as the sun glistens off the top of the waves, and sinks slowly into the evening. Bugs are virtually non-existent and air conditioning is an open window to let the cool ocean breezes flow through. California dream'n is our reality.

Spring eventually fades into summer. The hills dry out and all the bright colors fade in the hot sun. Beaches become littered with hot pink people who haven't seen the sun all winter, and California returns to being only one of the best places to live on earth.