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Spring, but wait..It's Cold!

Hello Fabulous Friends,

Spring has officially arrived, but many of you around the country are still saying "It's cold!" The weather has it's own calendar, and it does not match our fashion calendar. Refreshing spring clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories are anxiously awaiting their unveiling, so what to do?

First, be patient. If the weather calls for your fabulous coats, boots, hats and gloves, continue to wear them fabulously. Secondly, you can introduce some of your old and new spring pieces tastefully and with style. For instance, a beautiful coral bag can be worn as a 'sight" piece (the one item that catches the eye) with beautiful black sweaters, leggings or pants and boots. A nice gold flat shoe can be worn as an accent with gold jewelry and gold bag. Play around mixing and matching your spring and fall/winter clothing, shoes and accessories and most importantly, have fun! Spring and Summer or on the way....

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