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Spring brings new growth: Safety tips when mowing the lawn

Spring has sprung and with the seasonal changes grass in many warmer areas has already begun to sprout. Now neighborhoods will be hearing that familiar hum of lawn mowers starting up and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Landscaping tips for the average homeowner!

Although you may have been mowing the lawn for years or may be a first timer at this task there are many ways to keep safe. As with most tasks there are always do’s and don’ts to worry about and follow. Some may be common sense to some while others may not even think their actions or what shouldn’t be done ever come to mind as dangerous.

Safety tips when mowing the lawn:

  • Always wear sturdy shoes. Never wear sandals, flip-flops or go barefoot.
  • Wear plastic goggles or safety glasses. This will protect your eyes from flying debris as well as keep much of the pollen that gets kicked back up into the air.
  • Never mow the lawn early in the morning when the dew is still present and never when it is raining.
  • Keep children away from a running or idle mower left in neutral.
  • If you have a riding mower never allow a child to sit in your lap while the mower is being used.
  • Before mowing take a quick walk over the area and remove any trash, large rocks or tree branches in the way. This will save time as well as prevent injuries when these items or pieces of them are flung about.
  • Always check the gas and oil before starting your task especially if you have a large area to cover.
  • If the machine runs out of gas it is best to allow it to cool down completely before adding more gas t to the tank.
  • Never fill the mover’s gas tank all the way to the top.
  • When clearing an area on a slope with a driving mower always drive it up and down to prevent it from tipping over instead of across the area.
  • If using a push mower and you there is a sloped area to clear always mow across instead of going up and down to avoid falling or slipping under the mower.

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn and keep yourself and family members safe at all times!

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