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Spring brings limited stock of previous generation consoles to the gaming stores

Spring is in the air. It's the season to... play vintage console games.

A welcome trend in gaming retail outlets from Montreal to Ottawa this new spring season is the sale of new and previously owned previous generation gaming consoles. Popping up in gaming outlets are some of the still unsold stock as well as the previously owned and refurbished supply of X-Box, Playstation 2 and Gamecube consoles.

Sometimes, they're the ones they find still in factory storage. Sometimes, the retail warehouse has a few locked away from when the new consoles were released. But, now is when the stores from Gamebuzz to Future Shop are pulling out whatever they have left behind. They are not large in numbers, so stay alert when you spot them.

New ones can be fairly attractive price wise, although they can't play the new gen of games available for todays consoles. And, the previously owned refurbished models are ones bought or sold on consignment by the store, and sometimes they have been modified to upgrade performance or at least to include newer, and working, replaced components that make the console outperform its previous state.

So, if you're in a Montreal or Ottawa area gaming store or gaming department of a large consumer electronics reseller, and you happen by a perfectly new X-Box without the 360, you can safely rest assured that, well... it's the season.

( Photo courtesy of Microsoft )



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